Simple Systems for Complex Tasks

We've made all the systems in Genie Suite clear to understand and simple to use because we believe that systems shouldn't sit between people or what they want to achieve. You've better things to do than to learn how to use an application - you just want to reap the rewards - so we've made Genie Suite intuitive and straightforward so that only minimal instruction is required to produce fantastic results.

And because different users have different needs, all Genie Suite applications are offered on a 'pick-and-mix' basis so that you never need to pay for more than you will use.

Appraisal, Reviews, Standards, Observation, Training, Analysis

CPD Genie is a comprehensive CPD and Appraisal management package which allows you to:
- Manage internal, external and whole-school CPD applications and approval
- Analyse CPD feedback and its impacts on the school
- Ensure training is aligned with school and department development targets
- Manage appraisal / performance management target setting and reviews
- Audit staff against the National Teachers’ Standards or bespoke standards
- Manage staff attendance at in-house training
- Analyse staff skill sets
- Control budgets and costs

You can also record:
- Standards for support staff
- Lesson observations and impacts
- ITT students in each department
- Staff research
- Coaching and mentoring sessions

CPD Genie allows you to enjoy the merits of a completely paperless CPD and Appraisal system with the convenience of being able to access information from wherever you are. Analysis is calculated automatically and training to staff is simple and minimal.

Evaluation, Improvement, Planning, Review, Collaboration

School Development Genie is an evaluation and development-planning system which allows you to:
- Electronically complete school and departmental evaluation forms
- View and analyse departmental responses to evaluation forms
- Analyse areas of strength and for development across the school
- Collaborate effectively in completing detailed school and departmental development plans
- Access and review school and departmental objectives
- Ensure that all evaluation and planning is accurate and up-to-date for all users

When partnered with CPD Genie, you can also:

- Publish school and department development objectives to CPD Genie at the click of a button
- Ensure that your staff training is in-line with school and department development plans

Leadership Teams and Middle Managers use School Development Genie to make sure that everyone is moving in the same direction by ensuring that their training provision is in-line with the needs of their institution based on school/academy and departmental evaluation and planning.

Reflection, Assessment, Opinion, Consultation, Analysis

360° Review Genie is a multi-functional review and surveying tool which allows you to:
- Perform customised 360° reviews of any staff member
- Create unlimited bespoke questions and question-sets
- Assign specific reviewers / respondents or leave a question-set ‘open’ for any member of staff to comment
- Record, analyse and display key evidence and information
- View and analyse review outcomes for any staff member
- Have instant access to completed reviews for individuals and leadership teams

Many subscribers use 360° Review Genie as a simple solution to the issue of recording evidence for teachers’ Appraisal and for surveying Staff Voice.

Nomination, Recording, Monitoring, Assistance, Statistics

Gifted and Talented Genie has been designed to assist your staff and G&T co-ordinator in identifying, differentiating and monitoring your most able students and allows you to:
- Instantly display and edit your school’s Gifted and Talented registers
- Complete Institution Quality Standards (IQS) assessments
- Implement staff self-assessment of Classroom Quality Standards (CQS)
- Analyse data, including the percentage of students on the Gifted and Talented register
- Monitor departmental contributions to teaching the Gifted and Talented
- Record events and manage your budget
- Create individual student profiles to promote differentiation
- Assist and advise staff with concerns about students
- Keep archived records without the need for paper

Subscribers use Gifted and Talented Genie to assist their G&T co-ordinators in their roles, raise the profile of G&T provision in their institutions and to help ensure a better experience for these more able students.

Recording, Provision Mapping, Intervention Planning, Collation

SEN Genie provides a simple, paperless way of recording and managing key information on those students with Special Educational Needs within your institution and allows you to:
- Instantly display and edit your school’s SEN register
- Create, display and instantly update Provision Maps
- Create, display and update Student Plans
- Perform Student Plan reviews and evaluations
- Collate staff input instantly
- Plan events and manage your budget
- Create individual student profiles to promote differentiation
- Assist and advise staff with concerns about students
- Keep archived records without the need for paper

SEN Genie will save time and effort for your SENCO and other members of your SEN team and allow comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information to be used by your teachers and Leadership Team from wherever they are.

Absence Requests, Organisation, Planning, Collation

Diary Genie assists your Cover Officer and staff with booking time-off for events not related to training or illness and allows: - Staff to apply for time-off for trips as well as for personal and professional reasons
- Staff to view the school diary with up-to-the-minute accuracy
- Staff to organise trips etc. in light of all events and absences
- The cover officer to assess at a glance the viability of a colleague’s request for cover
- The prevention of wasted cover, and therefore wasted funds
- For full integration with other Genie Suite systems

Diary Genie offers a simple and paperless way for staff to apply for cover and know what is happening in their institution, as well as allowing the Cover Officer to see requests easily.

Placement, Site Visits, Paperwork, Analysis

World of Work Genie is an organisational tool to save time and effort for staff and your Work Experience organiser, allowing them to: - Record a list of organisations offering placements
- Assign students to placements
- Allow staff or the co-ordinator to assign visits
- See an analysis of placement usage
- Record the collection of paperwork
- Save paper by making records electronic or printing out records if required

World of Work Genie is used to make the administrative process of Work Experience more efficient and fairer to staff.

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