Welcome to Genie Suite

Education Management made ...


- Ready-made & fully formed systems
- Centralises all elements
- Paperless & accessible anywhere
- Secure & at your fingertips


- Intuitive to use
- 15 minutes to train your staff
- Free personalised support, forever
- Only what you need; nothing you donít


- Gives ownership
- Powerful reporting and analysis
- Promotes self-reflection
- Simple to engage with



- Saves money
- Sensibly and fairly priced
- Sensible contract term
- Saves staff and leadership time


- Flexible & adaptable
- Always evolving
- Responsive to users' needs
- Responsive to changes in policy

Complete & Cohesive

- 'Holistic' approach
- Communication between systems
- Each system thorough & comprehensive
- Packages of related systems

The system built by teachers, just for schools

Genie Suite is a powerful educational management tool - the safe and simple way to effectively tackle time-consuming administrative tasks. Best of all, it's on the Web - so there's no need for inconvenient installations. There's no need to enter long lists of names or departments either, as Genie Suite can be entirely set up for you.

Developed by former teachers, alongside schools, Genie Suite recognises the need for flexibility and affordability. This is why all Genie applications are offered at a realistic price and on a 'pick-and-mix' basis; simply choose what you require from the range.

Thousands of people in schools across Britain, and internationally, are currently benefiting from what Genie Suite has to offer and are finding it a rewarding experience.

We are always happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

For your free demonstration or if you require any other information, please get in touch.

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