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SEN Genie works alongside the co-ordinator and other staff members to ensure that those on your school's Special Educational Needs register receive the best support possible; thanks to more effective identification, organisation and evaluation.

SEN Genie provides a simple-to-use and paperless way to create, track, update and view Individual Education Plans for the students on your SEN register. It provides the resources for members of staff to suggest helpful targets and to provide a meaningful and fully comprehensive review of students' progress. Everything entered into SEN Genie is visible to the co-ordinator, giving an instant overview of your school's requirements and progress. Additionally, staff are able to access the SEN register and IEPs at any time.

SEN Genie is a powerful yet flexible way to manage the IEP process in your school; giving you the choice of when and how your reviews are conducted, who is displayed on the register and even the ability to input useful targets for staff to suggest in their reviews.

The system will save you time and money, since creating the documentation is so simple and can be done anywhere. Additionally, should you wish it to, the register will automatically update at the end of the year. SEN Genie also eliminates the possibility of sensitive information being 'misplaced' around school.

It is important to be able to access a list of trips and events which have been organised for students on your register. SEN Genie provides such a list, along with an evaluation to inform future planning. Purchases can also be logged. Your budgets are easy to add and are calculated automatically.

As with all Genie Suite applications, events recorded in SEN Genie are automatically entered into Diary Genie.

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