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Gifted and Talented Genie works alongside the co-ordinator, departments and other staff members to ensure that those on your school's Gifted and Talented register receive the best support possible; thanks to more effective identification, organisation and evaluation.

Once the co-ordinator or classroom teacher has identified a student who they feel is gifted or talented, this student can be simply and immediately added to the register.

Gifted and Talented Genie effectively organises every strand of information. Everything entered into Gifted and Talented Genie is visible to the co-ordinator, giving an instant overview of the school's requirements and progress; most powerfully, by allowing IQS and CQS assessments to be performed and reviewed. Additionally, staff are able to access the gifted and talented list and Development Plan at any time.

It is important to be able to access a list of trips and events which have been organised for gifted and talented students on your register. Gifted and Talented Genie provides such a list, along with an evaluation to inform future planning. Your budgets are easy to add and are calculated automatically.

Gifted and Talented Genie encourages departments to get actively involved in the process of helping gifted and talented students by allowing them to indicate the G & T links and resources within each scheme of work. The effectiveness of these links and resources can be evaluated when completed.

As with all Genie Suite applications, events recorded in Gifted and Talented Genie are automatically entered into Diary Genie.

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